“But it was in this moment, lying in bed late at night, that I first realized that the voice in my head—the running commentary that had dominated my field of consciousness since I could remember—was kind of an asshole.” 

— Dan Harris, 10% Happier

Ok, so maybe you're not an asshole, but we all have that “running commentary” as Dan calls it, in our heads at any given moment.  This constant chain of thought, or inner voice, has a huge impact on our beliefs, actions, reactions, and how we live our lives.  When we become witness to our thoughts by bringing our conscious awareness to them, we begin to detach from the power they hold over us.  We become more thoughtful in our reactions and in what we choose to give our power to.  This sense of presence in our lives also helps reduce stress and anxiety, bringing clarity to that which we can control versus that which we cannot.  

Meditation comes in many forms and doesn’t always require sitting on a pillow with your eyes closed!  Most of us think meditation is synonymous with being totally zen—the mind clear, calm, and quiet.  And while this may be the ultimate goal, there are many paths to the mountain top.  Meditation is the practice of noticing your thoughts—becoming aware of that running inner dialogue—and not allowing it to control you.  It's the practice of bringing your mind to the present, and it can be done anytime, anywhere.  Perhaps for you, meditation is sitting with yourself as you sip your morning coffee; maybe it’s observing nature and listening to her sounds; maybe it’s clearing your mind through song and dance; or simply focusing on your breath.  

Below I’ve culminated some of the meditations that have come to me in my own practice, for various purposes.  Each is designed to help ground you and reconnect you to the Here and the Now, as well as your body, your inner voice, and your innate wisdom.  We are all energetic beings, worthy of love and happiness—this is our birthright!  My hope is that you will use these meditations to comfort and soothe your soul, to remember who you are, release self-imposed limitations, and rise to your highest potential!  


meditate with me:

Empowerment Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you reconnect with your personal power. Taking this time will help you feel lighter, stronger, and empowered in your choices and actions so that you can live fully and abundantly!

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Letting Go Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you release any limiting thoughts, beliefs or feelings that might be holding you back from experiencing true joy and abundance in your life. The goal is to help reconnect you to your true nature and the felt sense of joy, gratitude, expansiveness, creativity, worthiness, and self-love—that are your birthright.

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Tips for Listening:

  • Find yourself in a comfortable, quiet place when you begin the meditation.

  • Try to let the information come in without needing to hold on or remember it. This will help you stay present.

  • Know that your attention may drift in and out — that’s okay, let it.

  • If you notice resistance in your body, try placing a hand on where in your body you feel it (i.e. the heart or the belly) to comfort and remind yourself that, in this moment, you are safe and supported.

  • Try not to judge or analyze your experience; just allow it to unfold organically.

  • Give yourself permission to linger or soak in whatever you feel after the meditation has ended. Take as much time as you need.

  • Afterward, you may wish to journal about your experience. Sometimes this is helpful as feelings and realizations may become elusive over time.